Monday, August 24, 2015


Gentlemen of the Press,
I am humbled to have your audience today in respect of the widely publicized tales from some fifth columnist, who are threatened by our activities in providing an alternative government and a credible voice in opposition to the present situation we have found ourselves in Ekiti.

My attention was drawn to the above story online, via my twitter handle that some media homes publicized that I, Rt. Hon. Richard Olufemi Bamisile (BAFEM) is set to decamp to PDP, as a result of a meeting held in Pathfinder having in attendance four (4) Paramount Traditional Kings of Ekiti State. Before I forget, let me expressly say that the four kings (as published) (all from my Local Government) are those whom I respect so much with highest regards.

Permit me to give a little brief of myself before I do justice to the issue at hand, while I also appreciate the fact that this medium shall serve me an opportunity to expunge the fears of the unsuspecting public who have been calling me since yesterday, up till this present moment. I have received not less than a thousand phone calls from Ekiti people at home and Diaspora.

For the records, I am prominently addressed as Rt. (Hon) Richard Olufemi Bamisile, but for the sake of this issue at hand, I will have to inform you gentlemen of the Press that I am also a Prince of Omuo Kingdom. My Late Father, Mr. Bamisile was the Elekota of Kota-Omuo (The traditional leader of Kota-Omuo, now Kota-Ekiti) who is also next in command to the Olomuo-in-Council in the whole of Ekiti East Local Government. So, it is not an understatement to say that I can fraternize with Kabiyesis of Ekiti Extraction, let alone those of my Local Government on issues that bothers on the development of my town, local government, if my attention is called upon.

I was called upon at exactly 3.30pm by my most distinguished traditional fathers a closed door meeting, which ordinarily was not the first time, whenever issues of utmost importance is needed towards the development of my town. I thought it was in relations to my situation office that was destroyed by the popular ‘Osoko boys’ or a proposed programme aimed towards the development of my town. To the glory of God and the ancestors of the Omuo kingdom, I have been a good son of the soil, who don’t disrespect or joke with the interest of the town; such was my expectation. The meeting was indeed fixed to be held at an Hotel along EKSU road, in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State Capital.

Indeed, the meeting was aimed at bringing me back to the Peoples’ Democratic Party, where I had been opportune to serve as a member of the House of Assembly, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Chairman of various committees/caucuses and lastly as the State Deputy Chairman.

I met the Paramount Traditional Rulers in a Room at the hotel and they told me that I should return to the PDP, also trying to resolve all issues I may have with the Governor. While I was trying to inform them of why the Traditional Rulers should not be involved in partisan politics, most especially when it has no inference on the socio-cultural development of their respective towns, we got a knock at the door and Governor Fayose entered the hotel room and saying “Femi, You are giving me problems” “I will give you the Governorship Ticket of PDP come 2018 if you can decamp” “Politics is a Game, Let’s Forget the Past” and so on and so forth.

Governor Fayose was practically begging me with the PDP Governorship Ticket. I snubbed him and left immediately!

For the avoidance of doubts, I know Governor Fayose very well, more than anybody left in the PDP. I know his leopard cannot change his skin. I know when he’s feeling heat, when he is been emotionally disturbed and troubled. I assume the Governor is disturbed with my activities within the rank and file of the All Progressives Congress. He held my legs and told all the traditional rulers to be begging me that he knows that I don’t joke with the Crown.

It was at this juncture that I left and expressly told the Kabiyesis (with all courtesies) and the Governor (Mr. Fayose) that his request was dead on arrival. I told my team when I joined them at my situation office all that transpired. I also told them that Mr. Fayose would publish it on the pages of the newsprint majorly to cause distrust within my 35 LGs & LCDAs, 177 Wards, 2195 Polling Units and organization coordinating teams within the APC. I told them he (Governor Fayose) would also go on the State owned media homes (EKTV and BSES) to aggressively announce it, so that he won’t look defeated. Most unfortunately, he would either temporarily empower all the Kings in my LGA (so as to kill the story) or victimize them (for failing to mount enough pressure on me to pull back).

Much as I will continue to respect the all Traditional Rulers in Ekiti State, most especially from the Omuo Extraction, I want to affirmatively say that it wasn’t in the interest of the three kings to discuss such with me. They were coarsed! The Kabiyesis are well loved in the community, who are project focused and well respected. I only wished it never happened. I still hold them in high esteemed and will forever be annoyed with Mr. Fayose for dragging my revered Kabiyesis to the political rings.

I laughed over the stories as published by bloggers and online sites of major Nigerian Newspapers yesterday (Sunday) before laying my hands on them today (Monday). Or is it not laughable?

I make bold to say this: There is no PDP in Ekiti State! What they only have is Fayose Party where he doubles as the Governor of the State and the Leader. Maybe my poser will guide you, is there any executive of the party that conducted the 2014 primaries left in the party? If yes, are they still holding same positions they held then? Where is TKO (the Ex-Secretary) and others? I left as the Deputy Chairman of the Party on the 19th of June 2014 (that was two days prior the gubernatorial election) and my candidate, HE Dr. Kayode Fayemi lost. I make bold to say that TKO and my humble self, made him the candidate of the party with our structures and goodwill within the party (PDP) then. But when I realized earlier that he was a fraud, I pulled out and good I was vindicated with all he is doing therein now.

When I told you gentlemen of the fourth estate of the realm, that eight (8) members of the State Working Committee were set to join the APC, the Chairman of the Fayose Party started pointing accusing fingers at some individuals and deliberately balkanized the PDP, so that the Fayose Party will be formidable, therefore sacked the State executives and set up another structure. Unfortunately for him now and his party, I am authoritatively affirming again that I have contacted personally not less than fifteen (15) members of the Ekiti House of Assembly and are on the same page with me and the APC. Furthermore, not less than 9 local governments of the PDP structure have their youth leaders, women leaders and secretaries also working with us. So what is left in the PDP? A party that has lost HE Asiwaju Segun Oni, Chief Ropo Adesanya, Hon. Kingsley Ogunbolude, Mrs. Omotunde Fajuyi, Comrade Bunmi Ojo, Erelu Babatunde, etc and expelled Dr. Tope Aluko and a host of others? A party that is impoverished while only the members of the Ayo Fayose Movement are the beneficiaries?

Are you talking of a party that is no longer in the Federal Seat? That has lost her intimidation weapon of the Police & Military? There is nothing left in the PDP, just as the party did not leave a legacy in the heart of Nigerians in her parting years.

Gentlemen of the Press, I know it will interest you to know why this attack and blackmail was targeted at me, Rt. Hon. Richard Olufemi Bamisile. It is simply because, by the grace of the almighty God, I shall become the next Governor of Ekiti State, under the platform of the All Progressives Congress come the immediate future (on or before 16th October 2018).

This situation office where we are was attacked by ‘Osoko Boys’ few hours before the meeting just as my INTELs report read. I have made an official report to the police in respect of that and I have told my people that I repose confidence in the Nigeria police under our new CHANGE Government. Any person fingered shall not go unpunished!

It is no news that Ekiti APC is back on her track, having learnt from her lessons in governance and politics of Ekiti State. I had offered myself as the biblical Nehemiah, who rebuilt the fallen walls of Jerusalem.

Without being immodest and with the utmost regards for all leaders of the party (former Governors, Party Executives from State to Wards, and Heads of various caucuses) I am the symbol of the party, as it is today, I am re-invigorating the party. I am providing the required engine oil to the party wheels, so that the weakened spirit of party faithful will not eventually knock down the whole system. I understand that Mr. Fayose would want to stop this new tempo. So a stage-managed attack on me would plant a seed of distrust and cacophony in the APC. He has failed; he has failed and has failed again!

Most importantly, the Governor and his media team are attacking me because they know that I KNOW GOVERNOR FAYOSE like the A B C D alphabets.

I have promised not to engage in any campaign of calumny, rather will be constructive in my criticisms and offer myself to advise the government on necessary policy directions that will develop the State. As it stands today, Ekiti State receives a 200% of what the Dr. Fayemi regime earns as at June 2015 (from N2.4b to N4.2b) without recourse to the Local Government Allocation which is about N3b. On behalf of the good people of Ekiti State, I will advise the governor to pay outstanding salaries and arrears of civil servants instead of him reducing himself to a blackmailer via his media parrots to engage in destructive campaigns. He should embark on Job Creation as a priority for the unemployed army of youth in the state at a geometric percentage of 67.3%.

The Government should stop witch-hunting perceived oppositions in the State, in the interest of peace and development of the State.

The Governor should revisit the Social Security Scheme for the elderly which was passed into law by the immediate past administration. Even members of his party are waiting to be beneficiaries. You don’t stop good deeds because they weren’t devised by you. Government is a continuum.

Instead of attacking Bamisile, I advises that Mr. Governor, should consider the lives and means of livelihood of marketers (old and young) who would be sent packing from the Oja Oba to God knows where, and lift his ban on the Awedele Market that the marketers were building themselves. He shouldn’t politicize market activities! Likewise, he should provide soft loans for marketers and assist those whose shops were burnt by his arsonists.

Ekiti to me is bigger than everybody, Mr. Governor should pay statutory subventions (not reduce) and release funds for capital projects to tertiary institutions in the State and not making Ekiti a jester State within the comity of States. We are the Land of Honour!

Gentlemen of the Press, Much as I wouldn’t have mentioned what we have done so far in the APC, I can’t but say that with the help of God and leaders of the party, I have expressed my interest to contest as the next Governor of Ekiti State and have thus visited all the leaders of the 16 LGAs. I have embarked on a 16-month ward visit to all the 177wards of Ekiti State. I have also embarked on some Special Intervention projects like the Monthly Free Fuel for Motorcyclists, Professional Short Courses for Undergraduates/Graduates and Postgraduates in partnership with the School of Management and Consultancy, Nigeria. In conjunction with the leaders of the party, all party caucuses are focused now on winning the State back for the APC and by God’s grace victory is ours.

Gentlemen of the Press, it is universally acknowledged that a free conscience fears no accusation. There is no iota of truth to the effect that I was in a “secret meeting” with Governor Fayose, neither is there any shred of truth to the fact that I want to retrace my steps back to the PDP, especially now that its umbrella is torn beyond remedy. It is mind boggling that a leopard does not change its spots.
The fact is that I voluntarily quit PDP in 2014 on my principled opposition to its way and style of playing politics. I couldn’t reconcile myself to the reality that remaining in the same party with Fayose whose antics and antecedence are known and needs no repetition here would serve me any good purpose. Without any form of inducements, I led my supporters and admirers out of the PDP to the APC and have remained committed to its ideals and visions. I have never waivered, not in the past, not now and even in the future, as we prepare to wrestle our State out of the grip of a most vicious, kleptomaniac and none performing leadership. Let no one make mistake about my resolute commitment to partnering with all progressives to see a new dawn in Ekitiland within the shortest possible time.

The present unedifying political order where showmanship with little or no tangible programme across the length and breadth of the State. Let it be announced on the mountain top of our most beloved State and beyond that I WILL NEVER RETURN TO MY VOMIT-NEVER.

I am under no illusion of what Fayose’s grand objective which is: The First is to create confusion and doubt in the hearts of my supporters and admirers and as well as portray me as a man of shady character who cannot be trusted with the task of leading the APC to electoral triumph against the PDP in 2018. On both, he has FAILED

The beauty of democracy is that an ill-prepared government which continues to grapple from crisis as a daily staple can be STOPPED by the electorate. My dear elders, leaders, brothers and sisters, and youths, do not be discouraged-take heart because our progenitors have imbibed in us a noble heritage of holding ourselves to a peer review mechanism. I have practiced politics long enough to know that where tyranny exists, just few band of patriots committed to freedom can roll it back. In the face of depression, manipulation and peddling of outright lies- a resolute and vigilant citizenry committed to the end of darkness is attainable. DARKNESS WILL ALWAYS BOW TO LIGHT.

Ekitiland shall know freedom AGAIN! The task of guiding the rampaging bull from the China shop requires vigilance, continuous mobilization and a guide tour hearts from the piercing and corrosive effect of his LIES. It is not unlikely that for a soul whose unashamed notion of life is embedded in all forms of dishonesty would stop at nothing in his delusional impression of himself for what he is not and cannot be. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is one thing to be a Governor of a State; it is another thing to know how to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the generality of the people. His showmanship and his band of supporters may continue to delude themselves to an arrogated sense of self importance but we are relentless in ensuring that by 2018 our dear State will be recovered.

I remain committed to the APC as a member and more resolute in the pursuit to serve as Governor with my entire God given talents and abilities come 2018.
Thank You Gentlemen of the Press for your time!

Rt. Hon. Richard Olufemi BAMISILE (BAFEM)
Speaker, Ekiti House of Assembly (3rd Parliament) & Governorship Hopeful ‘Immediate Future’

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